3 inflight drinks you don’t want to order. Here’s why:

Most of us have had to take long-haul flights to get from one country to another, whether it’s for a holiday or a business trip, we’ve all had to get on a plane at some point in our lives. Meals depending on the hours that you’re traveling are usually part of the fee that you pay when you buy your ticket, along with that are the drinks that you can get basically whenever you want to ask for them.

There’s a wide range of options to choose from to quench your thirst while you’re on a flight. However, the flight attendants who help make our exhausting flights more bearable have some things that they’d want us to know when we order our drinks.

Here are three drinks that flight attendants DO NOT recommend for you to get inflight:

  1. Diet Coke

Flight attendants, no matter how kind they are, despise having to serve Diet Coke. Diet Coke is fizzier than the normal one and being in a lower air pressure cabin makes it extra fizzy. Serving it requires more time because they would have to wait for the bubbles to fall before pouring in the rest of it. In the time they could have served a single person a glass of Diet Coke, they could have served three other passengers. Even if you say that there’s no sugar in Diet Coke, it still tastes the same so maybe it’s best to just get the regular one to save the flight attendants time and patience.


  1. Coffee

We all love a hot drink to make us feel cozy on the inside. It’s like a warm hug. However, flight attendants do not recommend for you to get these drinks while in-flight. Drinking coffee to stay awake on a flight actually does the opposite, it would make you feel sluggish when you reach your destination and if you’re going in to a new time zone, jet lag might be difficult to shake off.


  1. Tea

Your tea might also taste different since the water is only boiled at 90 degrees Celsius instead of the normal 100 degrees Celsius. In addition to that, the hot water tanks in planes are rarely cleaned so the water might not be 100% clean.




These are just some tips to help you on your next flight. It’s best to keep in mind that you need to be well hydrated and not just have your thirst quenched by any drink. If you have any other life hacks for long-haul flights, leave them in the comments below!

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