4 Brand-New Gadgets to Brag to your Friends About!

Technology has become such a necessity in our everyday lifestyle, it’s impossible to be in-tune with the modern world without it. Not just any technology, either; constant upgrading is required to keep up-to-date with the latest software extensions that keep your smartphone running smoothly and your social life free of ridicule from your tech-savvy peers. Some say that technology is hindering our ability to communicate, while others will debate that we’re being more social than ever with instant messaging services, but whatever side you may fall into, you have to admit that these brand-new and soon-to-be-released gadgets would be a great addition to your electronic collection.

4 gadgets to brag to your friends aboutPlaystation VR

From someone who has tried a Virtual Reality headset, the experience is out of this world, and something that everyone should try! However, the headsets themselves are rather pricey. To someone who wishes to bring the experience home for a more affordable price, Sony’s new VR system is the way to go. An accessory for the Playstation 4 gaming console, once equipped, it tracks the movement of your head in combination with the Playstation camera and regular PS4 controller or Playstation Move to construct the VR experience. For its October launch date, Playstation Network will also release 50 games optimized for a Virtual Reality experience. With Playstation VR, immersive gaming will enter its early stages of development, an exciting new concept for those of us who enjoy gaming!

4 gadgets to brag to your friends aboutPrizm

The latest innovation in one’s musical experience, Prizm offers a unique way to automatically tailor your music to your specific tastes. Selecting from a library of over 35 million songs, it monitors your reactions and constructs playlists based on your positive feedback, as well as your pre-constructed playlists on your streaming account. If you particularly enjoy a song, you can also press its “like” button to automatically save it to the appropriate playlist. No matter how eclectic or obscure your musical preferences are, Prizm has you covered!


4 gadgets to brag to your friends aboutLenovo Phab2 Pro

Announced at Lenovo Tech World, the Phab2 Pro will be the first phone in which Google implements Project Tango, which allows a smartphone to detect, map and learn its position relative to the world around it without the use of external signals such as Wi-Fi or GPS. It can even detect surface obstacles and recognise known environments. This feature will open up a world of possibilities for app developers and augmented-reality gaming. If that wasn’t enough, it features a generous 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage as well as microSD support, and the battery is a massive 4050mAh. Oh, and there are four cameras.

4 gadgets to brag to your friends aboutNixon the Mission

Mission is a smart watch targeted towards the adventurous types. Perfect for exploration or long treks, it’s incredibly durable with super waterproofing, a GPS, military-grade shock and dust resistance, and a full-colour AMOLED screen. It also sports an altimeter, barometer, thermometer, compass, gyrometer, accelerometer,  humidity sensor and, obviously, a watch. With all the backlash towards smart watches, it may be a difficult decision to purchase one, but this new beast of technology will surely be a worthy reason to get yourself some multi-purpose wristwear.  

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