7 Top Activities for Children in the UAE

1. Yas Waterworld

Beat the heat of the Middle Eastern sun and take your kids on a fun family adventure to Yas Waterworld. Not only does the waterpark have some of the most fun rides in the region, but there’s a separate children’s area for the younger ones!

7 Top Activities for Children in the UAE2. Vox Kids

The theatre experience is one that all can enjoy, especially in a kid-friendly, fun environment catered to children.

7 Top Activities for Children in the UAE3. IMG Worlds of Adventure

Located in Dubai, IMG Worlds is a massive amusement park that has something for everyone, even the adults! Themes areas include popular shows like Adventure Time, timeless favourites like Marvel heroes, and even a nostalgia hit for everyone who finds the shows they used to watch as a kid immortalized in the world’s largest indoor theme park.

7 Top Activities for Children in the UAE4. Nursery Events

Nurseries across Abu Dhabi offer fun events that are often free or very cheap admission. A quick poke around town will reveal all sorts of activities to take your kids, like reading appreciation days and sports events.

7 Top Activities for Children in the UAE5. Ferrari World

It’s a huge tourist trap for a reason. Boasting multiple world records for roller coasters, those who can’t get enough of the thrill of adrenaline will find their place amongst high-speed and zero-gravity experiences.

7 Top Activities for Children in the UAE6. Cultural Events

If you’re Emarati, it’s important to teach your kids about their culture and heritage, and if you’re an expat, an expanded worldview is an incredible lesson to learn at a young age. The UAE has many cultural celebrations and festivals to teach everyone the customs of the country we live in.

7 Top Activities for Children in the UAE7. Road Trip!

The UAE is a small country, but packed to the brim with exciting things to see and do. You can leave in the morning and be home by dinner, having driven through all seven Emirates, seeing sandy beaches and snowy mountains. It’s a truly beautiful landscape, why not make a day out of it and explore a little?

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