Spice up your day with these 9 Great YouTube Videos

Guy Dresses up as his Dog’s Favourite Toy

A dog owner decided to give his little companion the highlight of his day!


Great White Shark Cage Breach Accident

Sharks are incredible animals, but also incredibly dangerous, as these marine biologists quickly discover.


10 Simpsons Jokes That Came True

We all love the Simpsons, but they have made some pretty interesting predictions about the future that came true.


10 Awesome Tricks With Eggs!

10 very cool tricks with eggs you should know!


If Adult Cereals Had Mascots

We all remember the chipper cereal mascots from when we were kids, but what if boring adult cereals had them?


Mad Lib Theatre with Benedict Cumberbatch

Mad libs can be hilarious, especially with a professional actor!


Chainsmokers “Closer” Parody!

These people take the wildly popular song and add their own funny twist to it!


Signs You’re Still Not an Adult

We can’t control when we get older, but we can control when we grow up!


Lyonya Shilovsky from Novosibirsk, Russia tapped his way into the spotlight in 2014 when he appeared on the Russian talent show Minute of Fame and now a video of him in action went viral. The gifted child is seen in the clip leading an orchestra of adult musicians through a rousing section of Jacques Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld, commonly known as the Can-Can.

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