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more sustainable world.

Tempo is a social enterprise, established in 2009 in the UAE, and now based in Seattle, Washington with communities across the world. Our objective is to build a better world that is more compassionate, more fair, and more sustainable, and to bridge the gap between peoples of the world. Our community celebrates people everywhere by amplifying ideas and projects that improve lives and nurture our planet.  We focus on sharing ideas that inspire people to work together.  Together we can change our world!

We need a new way to live.

We have all witnessed how prejudice can divide us and how misinformation can tear us apart. There is a remedy for hatred and division, and it comes down to the individual level, where people reach out to learn about each other, accept each others’ differences and start working together to build a better world for all of us. We need leaders who are more compassionate, governments that are more human-focused, and nations that turn towards each other to collaborate in solving our world’s most pressing problems.

We need to spread goodness.

We salute the social impact heroes, whether it’s the entrepreneur, the artist, the influencer, the thought leader or community builder. We admire the strong willed, passionate individual who creates a positive idea for positive social change. We celebrate the social entrepreneurs who kickstart a project, initiate a cause and drive a movement. These change agents enrich our communities with new ideas that fuel a revitalized sense of purpose, hope and humanity.



  • GAME CHANGERS: These are stories about extraordinary people whose acts of kindness or genius have transformed the lives of others.
  • GOOD VIBES: These are stories of ideas or projects, or people who have made a big difference to improve the lives of others. This would be something that has made life easier/ better for an unrepresented or disadvantaged segment of the population.
  • PLANETARIANS: These are ideas that are good for the planet, whether in the areas of recycling/ repurposing, zero waste initiatives, curbing climate change, enhancing food security etc. These include case studies in sustainability that work and the can be duplicated.
  • BIG IDEAS: These are new and innovative ideas, products or projects and how their impact makes the world better.
  • RESILIENCE: These are ideas, projects and especially case studies that make communities, people and the world stronger.


There are so many great ideas around us that can truly change our lives for the better. Our aim is to find them, and to bring them to you, and to urge everyone to share them as practical blueprints for a better world. We invite you to join our community, to share your ideas and to amplify goodness. We are all in this together, and you can find your voice with us to change the world.

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