Who We Are

FEEL YOUR TEMPO, a Brandmoxie brand is a place where art inspires, love conquers and ideas build communities.  It is a community, a passion and a state of mind.  

FEEL YOUR TEMPO started out as a print publication in 2009 and distributed 40,000+ copies to malls, coffee shops, hotels, residences and clinics. We have just have stepped into our 10th year of inspiring young minds and have moved to a fully digital platform. 

We strategically ‘advance’ events and focus on community stories, provide insight into current issues and feature ‘people-news’. UAE has a huge expat population, mostly residing in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and our aim is to bring people together and celebrate our individuality and what we share as a community.  

“Empowering the Future” is our goal and we want to make your voices heard.  So find your voice with us and change the world.