Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week summit: What’s in it for you?

The World Future Energy Summit, the Middle East’s largest future energy and sustainability event kicked off on January 13 as part of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.

Launched under the campaign “We Are Committed’, The event focuses on showcasing the latest trends of sustainability innovations where attendees from around the globe interact with exhibitors to understand new ways of doing business by exchanging knowledge in future energy and sustainability.

Why does sustainability make business sense?

All businesses strive to stay competitive. A great way to achieve this is by investing in promoting a work culture where sustainability is given a priority. By doing this, they can expect to grow with a better sense of responsibility for doing business in a cleaner and less depleted world.

They can start by embracing sustainability as a company’s culture, educating staff and community. They can also incorporate recycling and waste reduction techniques as well as maintaining a supply chain that practices sustainability. Also beneficial is using environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging for products and collaborating with other companies and organizations that share similar sustainability goals.

As an individual or family, we can commit to sustainability by using electricity economically and even using compact fluorescent or LED bulbs that consume less electricity. Selecting a low carbon vehicle or carpooling or using public transport is also a great idea. Making a conscious effort to reduce the use of heating or air conditioning and making low water usage choices are also great ways to commit to sustainability.

The UAE has designated 2020 as a year of planning for the next 50 years with a national strategy in place based on a knowledge-based economy, human-resource development alongside economic and environmental sustainability.  Get practical info of the event here


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