Abu Dhabi Debut’s World’s Largest Mobile Maze: The Wonder Maze

If you want to get lost, might as well have fun while you’re at it. 

Abu Dhabi has just debuted the world’s largest mobile maze, The Wonder Maze, housed at Umm Al Emarat Park. The attraction, that took more than 30,000 man hours to set up, is bound to have audiences of all age groups want to participate. It’s the perfect weekend plan to have with your family and friends!

What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the maze is never the same! Thought you’d have it easy, huh? The maze has been configured in modules, which basically means that the path will be regularly changed. No path is the same the second time.

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The Wonder Maze At Umm Al Emarat Park, Abu Dhabi

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What awaits for those that reach the center of the maze? A 5-meter high viewing platform, from where you can see everything (including the exit!). To sum up: to know the way out, you need to know the way in. 

The park is open daily, from 9am to 11pm, and runs only until the end of April 2019.

More details:
Umm Al Emarat Park (entrance fee): AED 5
The Wonder Maze (general entry, additional to the above compulsory fee of AED 5): AED 35
Children (below 100cm): free



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