Are you doing this to hone your learning skills?

Abu Dhabi: If there’s one skill that we can bet our lives on to survive in today’s fast-changing world, it’s the skill to learn faster and better.
Instead of losing our head trying to grapple with the daily updates of just about everything from software tools, social media platforms to new findings, we can invest some time to develop quick learning skills to better cope with the pace of the digital age.

Although the need to do so much learning at such a fast pace may sound and feel overwhelming, humans are provided with enough brainpower to overcome these challenges if we pursue them using the correct methods and approaches.

Here are the things you can do to improve your learning skills:

1. Pick up a book and read
The benefit of reading has been stressed upon since time immemorial. And this advice has been followed along for ages, not for nothing. It has been proven that the exercise of reading builds new neural connections in the brain that makes it active and agile. Most successful people of our time are readers (Google them and you’ll know). Having said that one should, however, be selective in picking up the type of books that they want to read. Reading trash literature will not contribute to expanding a productive knowledge base.

2. Look at learning as a life-long process
Try to enjoy the process of learning new things and don’t look at it like a chore that you have to do. After all, in life, there is nothing more productive to do than learning. Just think of how you want to spend your time on this planet earth? Would you want to waste it just doing the same things every day over and over again or would you want to understand the new things around you by learning about them little by little every day?

3. Develop an adaptable mindset
Whether we like it or not, humans will not stop inventing new ways of doing things. Even though Gen X people did not grow up with mobile phones, they are now practically dependent on their phones for their day to day living. The point is this. Technology is bound to change lifestyles in the future. Instead of resisting the change, it’s better to develop a mindset that is open to the new changes. At least it’s not boring, right?

4. Share what you have learnt with others
Your brain needs to off-load information once in a while to make room to store new information. Hence, the best way to achieve that is to teach others what you know. This will not only give you a sense of purpose but will also help your brain to keep learning.

5. Keep your brains healthy
Do all that you can to keep your brain well-functioning. Eating foods that are good for brain health and keeping your overall body health well is key. For example, an unhealthy liver will not help you feel ready to do some new learning. So take care.

Studies have shown that people who live longer and happier lives are the ones who have accepted life as a never-ending learning process. Perhaps the same logic inspired the rock band Aerosmith to pen the lines ‘life’s a journey, not a destination’ in their  popular song ‘Amazing’ which basically talks about overcoming one’s challenges whatever they may be. Ultimately, humans have one goal in life and that is to be happy. So keep learning and live happily.

Life-long learner and crooner, who believes life is made out of words.
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