Project Features 100 Photographers Celebrating Diversity From Around the World


‘Atlas of Humanity’ is an exhibition that combines the works of 100 photographers from around the world to document the beauty and history of various cultures. Presented as an endless stream of faces, the exhibition is on display at the entrance of Expo Centre Sharjah, home to the four-day International Photography Festival, Xposure 2018.


Curated by Martin Vegas, the exhibition consists of portraits detailing the resemblance of beauty between cultures, all framed in contrast to highlight diversity. It is inspired by the UNESCO’s definition that cultural diversity is a trait which represents “the common heritage of humanity and should be recognized and affirmed for the benefit of future generations”.

This unique exhibition is an ongoing project, due to the magnitude and importance of the subject matter. Cultures change and evolve constantly over time and place, each with its own unique characteristics, creating a picturesque display filled with vibrant details. The existence of these portraits provides viewers with detailed insights into various cultures, helping to expand
people’s horizons, exchange expertise and knowledge, and bond humans through both the similarities and differences between cultures.


This ambitious project includes photographers from France, Italy, Britain, Spain, Australia, Netherlands, and the United States. From Latin America, photographers from Brazil and Mexico are taking part in the project. Participants from the Arab world come from Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, along with Bangladesh, China, Mozambique and Afghanistan from the

There are more than 700 prints by over 90 photographers across 46 exhibitions on display, with each exhibition tackling a different theme and aspect of human life and inspiration. All details about the participants and various attractions are available on the festival website:



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