Automated detection for tailgating starting Jan 15 in Abu Dhabi

To ensure motorists maintain a safe distance between vehicles, the Abu Dhabi Police will be activating automatic smart system and stationary radars on the roads that can detect tailgating which will be effective January 15, 2020 onwards.

The AD police shared the news through their Twitter channel on January 6.

The main purpose of the operation is to raise awareness about the dangerous habit of tailgating – driving too closely behind another vehicle, which is a leading cause of road accidents in UAE.

Initially, the Abu Dhabi Police will send drivers an alert via text messages on their phone if they are guilty of committing the offence for the first time.

Errant drivers will be fined AED 400 along with with four black points if found tailgating.

A campaign to raise awareness about the new cameras and the dangers of tailgating will be rolled out in five languages.

Note: The story was first published in Gulf News/ The National

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