Be ready to cough up DH 400 for slow driving in fast lane

Abu Dhabi:  The same radars implemented by the Abu Dhabi Police for detecting tailgaters from January 15 will now be used to penalize slow drivers who fail to give way to vehicles moving ahead in the fast lane. A fine of DH 400 will be given to violators. Also read.

The Abu Dhabi Police updated the information on their Twitter feed on Jan 22.  

On the video post, it flashed messages in English, Hindi, Malyalam and Arabic informing drivers driving at lower speed to stick to the the right side and free the left side for fast driving vehicles. It also mentioned that a fine of dhs 400 would be given if drivers failed to give priority to vehicles coming from the back or from the left side

Road safety principles suggest the ‘two-second rule’ while keeping a distance between two vehicles. What it means is that while driving, a driver should be at least two seconds worth of stopping distance from the vehicle in front.

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