Blue Print: Reian Mata Evangelista

NAME: Reian Mata Evangelista
AGE: 35
PROFESSION: Fashion Designer
NATIONALITY: Philippines

FASHION STATEMENT: Style is knowing who I am. I like to tell a story through my designs. I believe that there is beauty in simplicity and staying classy.
PERSONAL STYLE: I’m always in white or black shirt paired with jeans and nice, comfortable shoes.
FAVOURITE RECENT PURCHASE: My portable Brother sewing machine. The machine gave me the chance to discover and create new fashion patterns.
FAVOURITE STORES: Splash, Zara, Khunji and Queen Couture in Manila.
THE SOURCE OF STYLE: I come from a very rich fashion culture, but seeing and learning Arabic styles has broadened my imagination. Right now, I like mixing modern Asian and Middle Eastern styles.
FASHION PET PEEVE: A woman should dress her age!

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