Blue Print: Shazia Afridi

Name: Shazia Afridi

Age: 24

Profession: Student

Instagram account: @outfitsbyshazz

Your fashion statement: Love the skin you’re in, love the outfit you’re in. Style that doesn’t reflect your personality might not give you the most crucial element of all, Confidence. For instance, if you’re not comfortable in heels, your face is going to show it at some point.

Your personal style: Edgy street style, I love mixing masculine pieces with feminine accents like a letterman jacket with a dress and sneakers.

Your favorite recent possession: My Damas tennis bracelet with Swarovski elements; it goes with every single outfit and adds an elegant subtle bling without going overboard.

Does UAE have style? Most definitely, the UAE does not lag behind when it comes to fashion trends. Especially Dubai, which has evolved into a fashion hub with its one of a kind street style.

Fashion Pet Peeve: Ill-fitting clothes – Clothes that are too tiny for one’s size never were, and never will be, flattering.

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