Building a Dedicated Team – Ahmad Fouad Hafez

WHO: Ahmad Fouad Hafez
WHAT: General Manager, Mapco Specialized Contracting & Décor

I come from construction background but I entered the interior design field when I  established Mapco in 2007 in Abu Dhabi. I wanted to provide exceptional workmanship and serve that space in the market. So we established a team of skilled workers and bid for key interior projects. Within three years we built a reputation for quality, delivery and craftsmanship. Next, we wanted to raise construction standards and so we put together a team of innovation focused engineers. Our strategy is to grow methodically by building new business areas across our group of companies that distinguish us locally and internationally.


Our challenge has been to build a reliable team of skilled workers and engineers who are able to deliver advanced projects that require a high degree of monitoring, upgrading and follow up. This is a competitive market with high level requirements, and that means companies such as ours have to deliver both quality and value.

There has been considerable growth in the medical, hospitality and entertainment sectors. If you’re a company that wants to be successful, you should focus not only on ideas but on building a dedicated team that is truly capable of delivering them.



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