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When you start talking to Hamdan Abdulla Hussain Al Mutawa, you quickly see that the 33 yr old Emirati is a man of many talents – he not who owns several diverse (and successful!) businesses, but is also an exceptionally gifted artist. Tempo was fascinated by this creative dichotomy and wanted to learn more.


I discovered my passion for drawing when I was young, and learned early that I was pretty good at it.

“I drew many paintings and was known as an artist by my friends. I started entering my paintings in art competitions at school and I often got first place or second place.  As I got older, my passion for art grew, and I took part in many art exhibitions.

“It’s funny that no one in my family is an artist.  With time I saw drawing as a means for understanding the beauty and harmony of the world. I also embraced it as a way to express my emotions, feelings and perceptions of life.

“ I have to say that the main challenge for me has been to manage my time between running my businesses and drawing. It’s not always easy.

I want to become a better artist and to continually improve my skills.  I hope that I will also inspire young artists, and support them towards finding their creative path. I would also like to hold solo exhibitions and, at some point, open my own art studio to teach art classes to younger artists.

“ I believe that artists should always look around them at the colours of nature to get inspired. They should also read continuously about art and about known artists, and take art lessons under the tutelage of experienced teachers.

“Aspiring artists should also take every opportunity to visit galleries and art exhibitions. In today’s world they must use social media, and network with other people interested in art through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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By Adham Mohammed 

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