Egypt’s Taqatak Start-up Is Revolutionizing The Use Of Solar Power

Many challenges struggling and developing countries face is the need for power supply. In places like Africa. The scarcity of water knocks out the use of hydroelectricity generation. Even windmill power generation is not plausible as the air can often be dry and not windy. Furthermore, having a thermal base nuclear power plant seems to be the only source of energy. However, these devices come with their shortages and cons.

The environment gets heavily impacted due to these carbon emissions. Besides that, there is also a possibility of a meltdown or a leak in the case of natural disasters, etc. This can lead to toxic air and radiation exposure. Such as seen in the Chornobyl incident which still has some spots that no one can enter while the generations being born still showcase the side effects caused by their earlier generation grandparents who escaped the consequence but still fell ill because of exposure etc.

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One such company decided to think big and to think into the future. the sun is an unlimited source of energy if harnessed the correct way. Agreed, solar panels are currently expensive and require cleaning maintenance to absorb as much solar energy as possible. However, in the lock run, it rather falls cheap as you don’t have to keep purchasing fossil fuels to power your generators and houses. That’s a big saving there. All these dominos in Egypt led to Taqatak which was founded in is for the sole purpose of utilizing renewable energy to power the city. This project was even honored by H E president Abdel Fattah El Sisi as he appreciated the initiative by Taqatak for its 1st rank in TIEC accelerators.

Egypt’s Taqatak Initiative For Alternative Power

  • Solar Umbrella – People can now take shade under a huge umbrella with access to free wifi and smartphone charging facilities. This is creative as the umbrella shades you while being retrofitted with solar panels on top.
  • Solar Pergola – Pergolas are lovely shady spots made from wood and offer seats to people who want to catch a break and relax. The panels again are fitted on top and provide 24/7 charging with auto lights that come on as we fall into a stary night.
  • Solar Bus Station – People who are waiting at bus stops to get to their destination can charge their phones and laptops, and even use the wifi to kill time till the bus arrives.
  • Solar Benches – Solar benches now have plug-ins for your phones and work devices like laptops with free wi-fi so you can always stay connected and powered up.
  • Solar Fence, Garden, And Street Lights – Homeowners can now have the option to contribute to the planet by switching to solar power lighting to illuminate their beautiful gardens, fences, and even their street corridors.

Egypt seems to be going the right way thinking years ahead into the future knowing that natural fossil resources may be natural but they are exhaustible and will one day run out. The way to a better future is by acting upon it today.

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Solar Power Is Clean For The Environment

Any energy form that provides a healthy green source of energy without causing a carbon footprint or polluting the earth is the best source of power. Solar Power operations do not emit any greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and are safe and environmentally friendly.

Solar power Is Easy To Install

All you need is a time fix and then you are all set. Solar power is even excellent for powerhouses that are remote or off the grid without any means of electricity.

Solar Powers Lessens Electric Consumption

How? Power from the plant is transferred across networks and platforms for a long radius. As power travels it also gets consumed on the way so the final destination will have the correct volts of power but it loses a lot of electricity while on the route. Solar power has been known to lessen the load and dependence on electricity and hence has overall reduced the consumption and demand.

Solar Power Reduces Power Blackouts

Let us face the fact in rural and certain areas around the world where water and other such elements are scarce. There are also load shedding schemes implied by the government to conserve electricity. Having backup solar power offers you less dependence on electric energy while all your tasks are done with solar power so keep your lights always on when you need them.

Solar energy Boost Economy & Job Opportunities

Reports have shown that countries like the UK, have had their economy and job growth rising due to solar power. For example, a report in the UK in 2015 suggested that the United Kingdom became the second largest employer of people working on solar projects up to 35,000 people.

Solar Power Is An Abundant Energy Source

The sun will not stop burning for billions of years before it gets old. Moreover, this energy never stops whether we tap into it or not. If we could completely harness the power of the sun, we would be decades ahead in future advancements.

Solar Energy Can Replace Gas

Given the ongoing Ukraine and Russia war crisis of 2022, which has led to a global catastrophe with spiked oil prices and gas demand. The need to fish for an alternative source of energy is a necessity. Entire Europe is dependent on gas for heating during the cold weather. Solar power can also be used for heating indoors.

The Impact Of Not Having Alternative Power Source

Countries like Sri-lanka have hit rock bottom, with civil rights and people dying standing in long queues just to buy fuel. Due to the oil crisis, Sri Lanka has resulted in 10-hour daily power cuts. Visualize the people who are dependent on life support machines that run on electricity and with the shortage of fossil fuels in the country even generators are out of the question.