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Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 (E3)



By the time you’re reading this E3 will be over and you should be basking in the glory of mind blowing announcements and new titles. As I’ve said before, much of what was up and coming had already been announced before E3, so the most anticipated announcements would be the inevitable surprises.

Here are the biggest E3 announcements up to the time of publication:

1 - The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian


Very, very long delayed, this Sony title seems to have rumbled back to life. Set to be released next year, it’s a cross-platform adventure featuring a relationship between a boy and a mysterious giant creature, puzzles and adventure.

2 - Fallout 4

Fallout 4

Bethesda’s very highly anticipated post-nuclear holocaust RPG series, the big surprise is that it’s being released this year in the fall. Excitement!

3 - Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy VII

This classic is being remade for all platforms, but starting with the PS4.


4 - Dishonoued 2

Dishonoured 2

One of the bigger surprises of E3, this was info was ‘leaked’ and very warmly received. The story continues from the first instalment and suggests that you can play as female protagonist, Emily (who appeared in the first game) and the original hero, Corvo.

5 - Hitman


Also another surprise (though passingly mentioned last year), it’s cross-platform and redesigned for more open gameplay in sandbox-style environments that offer multiple approaches to any one scenario – a format that continues to gain popularity over the linear version.

6 - Justice League Makeover

In other news – Justice League Makeover


For you superhero fans, a new take on the DC universe has been produced thanks to Machinima and DC. Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles animated movie is set for release next year, but 3 short films have already been made and are free to view on YouTube. We see very different versions of Superman, Batman and Wonderwoman in an alternate superhero universe that entertainingly teases the upcoming movie. Neither Batman nor Superman (with a goatee) have capes, Wonderman ditches her yellow and blue bikini and picks up a sword – oh and Batman is LITERALLY a creature of the night.

Go to Game Hedz Facebook page for details.


By Blakniss | @audioanimator



UAE’s leading insurance company launches its eCommerce arm



Ecommerce brandmoxie


The e-commerce website will allow users to get quotations, purchase/renew policies and report claims within minutes. (more…)


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Kind Cities

7 amazing Futuristic Gadgets even for the not-so techie



7 Futuristic Gadgets for the Techie Who has Everything

Today’s technological advancement is a force to be reckoned with. Whether you like it or not, being technologically savvy has it’s fair share of advantages. So even if you are not the techie type, the popularity of  these 7 gadgets could change your mind.

1. Google Home

A virtual home assistant, Google Home obeys voice commands to give you an easy and convenient way to handle almost anything, from schedule changes to flight reservations.

7 Futuristic Gadgets for the Techie Who has Everything2. Logi Circle

A compact security camera that can be installed anywhere in your home, this handy little device streams its feed directly to your device of choice. Not only can you rest easy with improved home security, but you can check up on kids or other family members at home.

7 Futuristic Gadgets for the Techie Who has Everything3. Celestron Travel Scope 70

If you’re a stargazer, then you’ll love this telescope. Designed with travel in mind, the Travel Scope 70 is lightweight, easy to carry, doesn’t take up too much space, and easy maintenance ensures a lifetime of space-exploring enjoyment both on-the- go and at home.

7 Futuristic Gadgets for the Techie Who has Everything4. HP Sprocket

A portable smartphone printer, the Sprocket allows users to create hard copies of their best moments immediately after they happen in high resolution. These stickable snapshots are sure to liven up your space.

7 Futuristic Gadgets for the Techie Who has Everything5. Transparent TV

While it hasn’t been released quite yet, LG Display recently released a prototype transparent television set that viewers can see through! As it’s still in its prototype stage, there’s no telling how much it could improve, or when LG will release it in stores, but it definitely gives us something to look forward to.

7 Futuristic Gadgets for the Techie Who has Everything6. Electrolux Fireplace

This fireplace by Camillo Vanacore is unique in its design, for it first appears as an opaque tube, but as it heats up and its fire burns, the heat generates the image.

7 Futuristic Gadgets for the Techie Who has Everything7. Change it! Wall

Designer Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov created what is now known as the Change It! Wall, a wall ade up of prisms set up much in the same way as pixels on a screen. Using the same idea, one can display any design, colour, or image they wish on their wall at any time, eliminating the need for painting when you want a little design change.

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A peek into how GCC millennials shop online



It’s impossible to talk about the benefits of advanced technology and not mention E-commerce. Buying and selling products online, from any part of the world, has never been easier. Just by typing in a few keywords, scrolling through the available options, and finally clicking that checkout button, you already have a shipment that is set to arrive in the next few days.  

The GCC has quite a few online shopping websites, and the biggest one to date is is a one stop shop for people who want to find great deals without the hassle of going out to look for them. Recently, the leading E-commerce website of the GCC has been acquired by the international giant, Amazon. Another online shopping website that is set to launch soon is, proving once again that technology has transformed the gulf, even in the area of shopping.

YouGov, one of the world’s leading market research companies, has recently conducted a study on the online shopping habits of Local GCC millennials and the results were quite surprising.

The survey found that 83% of Local GCC Millennials have shopped online in the past 6 Months, with 42% shopping on local websites and 41% on international sites. The research found that the most likely items to be purchased online by GCC millennials are mobile phones (20%) and computer software/hardware (20%), followed by electronic equipment (19%), games (17%) and e-books (13%). The least likely items to be purchased online are flowers (3%), pet related products (3%), music (4%), sporting goods (6%), hardcopy books (6%) and health products (7%). YouGov found that the most common barriers to online shopping were related to not being comfortable with making online payments (41%), high shipping charges (37%) and long delivery times (34%). Among female GCC millennials barriers also included a lack of cash on delivery options (33%), uncertainty of authenticity of products found online (30%) and a lack of information about the return process (20%).

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