Emerging Artist: Esther Eden

If there’s one thing Esther Eden knows how to do, it’s to create. Through her YouTube vids and amazing live performances, the singer-songwriter has all eyes on her. We were able to catch up with Esther Eden, and she dished on songwriting, her love of animals, and how she is making a difference in the world!


Jae: Hi Esther, welcome to TEMPO. Your name has been all over the news lately. Congratulations! How have you been?

Esther Eden (EE): I have been really great and still swirling with all the excitement that has blessed my life.


Jae: This may come as a hard question to answer, but can you describe what makes you happy?
I am passionate about life! Little things in life make me happy.

There is beauty all around and if we seek beauty and positivity then we shall be surrounded by it. It’s all in the mind! 🙂

I am absolutely fascinated by little children and was made Head of Early Years at my school. For the last two years, I have also been supporting a child’s education back home in India with my pocket money. If each of us does our bit we can make a difference. I love animals! I remember at a holiday in Switzerland where I kept chasing other people’s dogs just so that I could pet them! I am happiest when I am surrounded by people I love…

Jae: Your mother is your manager. That speaks volumes about your support system. Can you tell us about your family and what each person means to you?

EE: Well, my mother is a strong woman who has raised me on her own and I guess she lives to make me happy. She is also my biggest critic having been a singer herself, but she is someone I can always talk to and depend on. My father got me my first guitar and also supports me from the sidelines. My father and mother both belong to huge families and between them have 16 other siblings and I have 30 odd cousins. The entire family are pretty chuffed to see me on the road to success at such a young age and do their best to support me.

Jae: We’ve read about your introduction into the music industry from other interviews, but can you share with us the unfiltered, real process of what that was like for you?

EE: When we decided to start recording professionally, it was just because we wanted to get my music out into the world. We never imagined being signed by Universal Music MENA or it getting to the level it has got. Two-Tone, who is a major artist here in Dubai and who is my avid supporter, heard one of the songs and encouraged us to let the music labels listen to the music. And the rest is history.


Jae: You are from Goa, India. You’re a self-taught musician. What else can you tell us about yourself that we might not already know?

EE: First of all, I will be graduating from High School this year. I am currently in my 13th grade. I will be continuing with college taking subjects that are media related to help me in my music career. What you may not already know is that I was more into dancing than singing. I used to choreograph all the dance performances in my previous school and had taken part in a dance off at the age of 13 at the BurJuman mall. I was the only girl there and almost didn’t go on stage. But mother of course talked me into performing!


Jae: You’re the newest and youngest artists signed to Universal Music MENA. What’s your message to the thousands of kids who will look up to you?

EE: Do what you love and love what you do – if you love it then you have to do it!

Life may get difficult at times, but learn from your experience and just keep moving forward. Set your goals early in life and stay focused on it.

Take each opportunity that comes your way and do not let failure deter you. Dreams do come true if you work towards them.


Jae: What else is next in Esther Eden’s world?

EE: The best is yet to come – my single which will be released this year and then eventually the album. I have also been invited to participate at the Red Bull Base camp at the 5th edition of Poetic Heart.