Game Hedz: Child of Light

The first quarter of the year is done, which means it’s time to recap what’s coming up soon!

But first, have you gotten Titanfall, Dark Souls 2 or the 3rd episode in A Wolf Among Us? Do.

So what highlights be there in the next 3 months? The veeeery long awaited Watch Dogs is the most anticipated highlight, look out for Ubisoft’s cross platform joint May 27. It’s essentially Assassin’s Creed in the 21st Century. Hacking, hiding, vigilante justice.

At the end of April the arty cross platform game Child of Light will have been released. Also from Ubisoft it’s an RPG where a little kidnapped girl must bring home the sun, moon and stars and escape the clutches of the Queen of the Night. Highly stylised and imaginative, side-scroller.

Finally, The Last of Us (I know I can’t not mention it) will get a remastered edition for the PS4. That should be, interesting, but not sure it will be a must-have.

Game on!

By: Blakniss

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