Games Con 2014 and Something Extra

By Blakniss



Good news everyone!! Hodor, Booker DeWitt and Last of Us Hero Joel will all be at Dubai’s IGN convention this year! There’ll be other guests too and depending on your area of interest, direct your giddy excitement accordingly.


Yes, what is the IGN convention? IGN is an online portal for all things comic, game and cartoon related. It’s where many go to get the latest reviews, updates and opinions on the world of geekdom. As for the convention itself, the website describes it as, “The region’s biggest film, video games, technology, and comic’s convention”. It promises to, “host a number of spectacular activities for enthusiasts as international celebrities mingle with the crowds. Fan favourite Sci-Fi and Super Hero movies will be screened. Fans will also get to interact with regional artists in Q&A sessions. “It goes on to say that a gaming tournament, cosplay competition and workshops on animation and manga as well as panel discussions and quizzes will be on tap. Sounds pretty sweet.


The celebrity guests are pretty exciting and include the actor Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor the giant oaf on Game of Thrones, Troy Baker – one of gaming’s most prolific voices – whose played the lead roles in Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us. Oh yea. Female cosplayer Riddle will also feature. She’s exceptionally popular in the world of cosplay and is known for her convincing portrayals of famous characters. If you’re a cosplayer, you’ll want to learn from her.

Closer to home, acclaimed Emirati filmmaker Mohammed Fikree will be in attendance, sharing his wisdom in flash animation, music composition, voice acting and short films. Accomplished Arab actor/director/composer Falah Hashim will also bring his wealth of talent to the IGN stage, adding a very strong showing of homegrown talent. That’s how it should be.

When and where?

It all happens November 21 and 22. The site doesn’t have a location up, but reports say it’ll go down at The Meydan. Check it out at

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