Gears of War 4…Finally!

Yes it’s late in the day but we finally got it and…it was decent.

We were hoping for the depth of story and character the first three had, but didn’t quite get that. Still there is a good reason for it.

The Pros and Cons
The campaign was fun and funnier than the grim nature of the trilogy, and the characters were definitely much more chilled. But that works with the fact that the world is at peace. No wars, though there is instability and unrest. Gears of War 4...Finally!

Though the enemy was newish, and there were new weapons it still felt like more of the same at the end of the day. That said, it’s obviously set up for a sequel. It was great seeing old Marcus, Baird and Gus and the game also introduced possible spin-off content to fill the 25 year gap since the end of the locust war. Like Marcus’ mission to save Gears during the disposal of locust bodies. 

Sequel theory

Gears of War 4...Finally!

Kait is now set up to be the child of locusts, maybe even the locust queen herself. That’s based on the locust insignia she got from her unknown grandmother, via her mom. It also explains why the locusts captured her mom in the first place and used her to command or control the mutated locust swarm.

The next part will probably see Kait become the new locust target, and either struggle with the reality of her origin, but fight the swarm, or mutate herself and lead the enemy. Like the trilogy ended up featuring Dom’s story, though Fenix was the hero, we think Kait’s story will take center stage though JD is the hero. 

We of course fear seeing the old characters die. We don’t want that. But a story where they don’t would be too unreal and doesn’t effectively begin a new Gears generation.

Any theories of your own? Tell us!!!

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