Is your inspiration feeding your aspiration?

By Denise Schnitzer

Although similar in meaning, these two English words maintain a clear distinction between them. While inspiration is the the process of being mentally stimulated, especially to do something creative, aspiration denotes a hope or ambition of achieving something.

When you focus on an outcome, the aspiration has a more positive likelihood of reaching fruition. Happiness, prosperity and inspiration feed on each other; each one needs the other. Setting goals, with a specific strategy for completion, based on inspiration, manifests success, which in turn, breeds prosperity and happiness.

I find inspiration from many avenues: one is keeping in touch. Social and printed media and in-person interactions are excellent sources of happiness. Recently, I had an hour-long phone conversation with a friend, a twenty-minute text exchange with another friend, and an in-person visit from another friend. All of those interactions filled my heart with love, joy and connectedness. I’m inspired to work hard on those relationships so we can continue to share stories and make new memories. Time spent with friends has been proven to relieve stress, increase the happy hormones and encourage new adventures and activities. Positive changes in focus and attitude also feeds aspirations. Visualize good outcomes and good will come: things, events, joys, and lives.

Prosperity is part of these outcomes: stay positively focused on the outcome/goal and progress will come. Surroundings are key: a clean and tidy home, car and workspace lead to prosperous, happy and inspired thoughts and actions, suggests prosperity expert Randy Gage. Good sleep is also important. Having lavender, snake plants, gardenia, jasmine, aloe vera and English ivy in the bedroom can lead to healthier, deeper and more restful sleep, according to aromatherapy experts. A good night’s sleep yields a positive, happy next day. Happiness fuels success and is quite contagious. “Happiness is a choice, not a result,” said Ralph Marston, author, publisher and professional athlete. I like to lightly spray lavender + mineral water over my head at night to welcome a deep, restful sleep.

Inspiration feeds AspirationMaximize your potential for happiness. Surround yourself with knowledge: books, tools, videos that teach lessons and stories. Great people around will also feed your soul and generate inspiration, aspiration, liberation and prosperity. The late American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn taught, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I think about my circle of influence, and I am grateful and proud of my friends. I have chosen to spend my time with extraordinary people who have uncommon lives. My happiness is seeded in relationships and I tend to them carefully. Life is better when it’s shared with great people. Make all relationships count. Be present. How are you doing with your relationships?

Another inspiration is a vanity project. A garden is one example. You can grow beautiful flowers on

your balcony, lanai or deck and reap the benefits of the colours, bees, hummingbirds and the scents. I’ve witnessed happiness, joy and pride when my friend planted flowers in her living space. We need the bees and butterflies so get your green thumbs busy! Growing fruits, herbs, and vegetables in pots or plots is another example and; you savor the tastes that you create. My friend told me about her garden and the joy in her story was captivating. I also believe that raising children and creating a happy, healthy home and family is a vanity project. Balancing work and play is essential to a prosperous and happy journey in life. Own your own happiness…it is up to you! When you love what you have, you have everything you need…an uplifting, true and un-authored quote.

Keep yourself full, prosperous, inspired and happy!

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