Keep Calm and DON’T GIVE UP

Life isn’t always going to be rainbows, cupcakes, unicorns, and sprinkles. It will get stormy, dark and empty sometimes. Most times you’ll feel like giving up because you’ll constantly tell yourself that you don’t deserve to go through this miserable roller coaster ride. But let me tell you one truth, no one ever deserves to go through that pathetic roller coaster, but that’s just how life is, no matter what, from different phase to phase we all have to go through it. Everyone has different breaking points in their life, and the different breaking points in your life will change you, teach you, help you understand the depths of the sea called life.
Life doesn’t give you problems because it hates you, it gives you problems so you can grow as a person and become stronger for your future battles. Most often because you’ve gone through so much unbearable pain, life gives you opportunities to help others. It’s okay to not be okay for a while. We all go through something that changes us forever. That change is always for our best.
Hang on in there, as the saying goes ‘it can’t rain forever, the sun will shine.’ Terrible things happen all the time.  But that’s not the point, the point is we do have good things in life. We do get our fair chances of having good times. Sadness walks into your life or sometimes it catches you out of nowhere. But that’s not how happiness works, it will not catch you or find you, find it yourself. It’s your choice. Do things that make you happy, it could be anything such as drinking coffee from your favorite café, reading a book or painting. Find your happiness, even in your worse days. Assume happiness is like Pokémon, find or look for it and catch ’em all whenever you can.
You got to have the faith that one day, or someday everything will get better. Maybe it could take time but the sun will shine again. Your faith will be going to keep you moving forward through each bad day. Now go and find your happiness. Keep doing it even at your worst days, I know you’ll make it through.
Good luck and stay strong!
Feel Your Tempo