Kick Off 2015 with a Bang!

New and renewed commitments launched Tamakkan 2015 season. Entrepreneurs and businesspersons from SMEs came to celebrate opportunity, achievement and possibility! You can check out the entire playlist here: New Beginnings: Kick Off 2015 with a Bang!

Below are some excerpts:



Randa El Zein on Commitments to YOU

“For every aspect of your life, you’re writing what you want, why you want it and how you’re going to go about doing it. So the typical resolution list that we know that happens at very end of a year and the start of a new one is the ‘how’ part… what I want to do is join a gym, quit smoking, lose weight… But how do you even determine these things? That’s why you should focus on the ‘why’ of what you want to do. Then it becomes something that resonates for you and the likelihood of you doing it is higher”.


Jules Lewis on Do It Now

“ We’ve got 168 hours in the week so please invest some time in yourself. Two and a half, three hours for ‘me’. Just write in your diary – ME: My personal excellence account; My personal legend account – because you got to Think, Eat, Move and Sleep really well to be able to perform and succeed in today’s business world. So do it now. My friend Paolo says ‘One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you always wanted to do.’ So as Nike says: ‘Just Do It!’ “


Jody Ballard on Women’s Heritage Walk

“So what is the Women’s Heritage Walk? It is a long walk. And see Omar is laughing because the first time I said to him that I’m going to do this his question was: “Why? Why do you want to do this? We have cars, we have motorcycles, we have camels, we have all these things!” The reason why is to bring women together. I think women coming together help each other exponentially. We are good at it. We are very very good at helping each other when we are put in a position where we can help each other. I’m so glad to see now particularly in the UAE that the ladies who are being successful are pulling up those other women – helping them, mentoring them, standing by them, encouraging them. I love it! I read the newspaper every day and without fail I almost knock over my café latte just thinking YES! Yes, these women are doing these. They’re bringing each other along”.


Dorian on The Abu Dhabi International Poetry Festival

“I know the sky is the limit but basically that has brought me to a place in which I thought even of doing things on a bigger level – how can I leave a legacy after I’m gone from Abu Dhabi, maybe in the next few years? How can I build a legacy that’s way bigger than me that promotes positive self-expression for everyone in the community? And the idea hit me to do an International Poetry Festival which currently isn’t being done in the Middle East. And my first thought was to reach out to a couple of friends as I told you which I build relationships and that’s why I’m proud to present the inaugural Abu Dhabi International Poetry Festival in conjunction with BrandMoxie which will be held in Paris-Sorbonne University on March 19th 2015. We’ll do a one-day festival and it will be free to the public and we’ll have international poets that will be speaking both in Arabic and English. It will be free to community – lectures, workshops and feature performances so thank you so much and I hope to see you there”.


Omar on Just Read It

“What’s it about? And I’m like: “Just Read It” The book? I’ll tell you this now – basically it’s about the attitude of an entrepreneur. It’s everything that everybody here spoke about. All about that self-development. All about social, emotional intelligence. All the things that you already know. You either learned it at school, at home, from religion. All the things you were taught about: How to deal with people and all that energy. All these things we’re talking about. All these reasons why we’re all here. It’s all in the book. The only difference is – I Omarized it. I just said it in my style”.



It is a knowledge-sharing platform established in 2009 by BrandMoxie, a leading marketing agency, to nurture entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership. Tamakkan organizes monthly seminars by presenters on business, innovation and social enterprises. The event is held at Al Mamoura Auditorium. Tamakkan is held under the patronage of Fatima bint Hazza Cultural Foundation (FHCB), and is supported by Aldar. January’s sponsors were AmCham Abu Dhabi, the International New York Times and Khaleej Times.


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