Tips for budding photographers from a pro

If you feel like starting your own photography stint, Mahwash Rehman’s Tips for Photographers would help you get a good headstart! We featured Mahwash in an earlier article here: “Frozen Frames” where she shares her journey. Below you’ll find some of the tips she found useful along the way!

  • Try going through works of great artists and study their styles, see what speaks to you and what doesn’t and more importantly why.
  • Identify your preferences and ponder where those preferences come from. That way you become more aware of yourself, which will eventually help you determine your own style.
  • With time our preferences change and so should our style, so don’t be afraid to try new things as it will only help you evolve as an artist.
  • Be critical of your work and open to feedback. Ask friends and mentors about their perspective on your work; you might not have thought about it that way.
  • Stay true to your art. Remember that each one of us is unique in our own way; embrace that uniqueness and try incorporating it in your work.
  • I would also suggest going through some formal training. The skills that you would acquire through that would also set you apart from others.
  • Stay positive and keep at it! Happy Shooting!

by Mahwash Rehman, Photographer

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