Mariam Mohamed

Age: 21 years

Profession: AUS Graduate

Nationality: Egyptian

Fashion Statement: Anybody can buy you clothes, but no one can buy you style. It is you who creates it.



Personal style: Simple, elegant and daring.

Favourite recent fashion purchase: A white asymmetrical shirt with angel sleeves.

Favourite store: I have no favourites. I buy from everywhere! The best place to shop in Abu Dhabi will be at Yas Mall, since it is diverse.



Do you think the UAE has style? The UAE in general is starting to follow global fashion trends while maintaining their modest and cultural dress code. They usually tend to design their Abayas with unique patterns, creating a new edgy personality to the dress.

Fashion pet peeves: I dislike the new trend of thick high heel sandals. Another thing would be that I don’t like seeing people following fashion trends blind folded

After all, people should wear what they believe would suit them and not what the world thinks. In other words, everyone should dress for themselves and not for others.

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