Meet Cher: A Performer On Her Way to Greatness!

Cher is a performer on her way to achieving greatness. With experience of working with leading media organisations, she is determined and unstoppable in attaining her dreams.

I love taking on new opportunities in order to excel towards my dreams. Each day is a new opportunity and adventure for me, so in order to push myself, I explore different places and take on new adventures and learn from different people I meet day by day.

Obstacles in my life have motivated me to follow my dreams from a young age and I have had a passion for performing on stage for as far back as I can remember. Being chosen to play Mary, the mother of Jesus in a nursery nativity, going to dance classes as a child and my mother’s encouraging words helped develop a keen interest in this field. I have had a normal 9-5 job which I worked for a while and realised that it wasn’t the path I wanted to take as it wasn’t my passion in life. I am determined to be the best I can be and push myself to my fullest potential and hopefully inspire others to follow their dreams.

Moving to London from Bristol in 2011 was the beginning of my journey. I came to London and studied social work along with psychology and sociology as it was something that interested me to learn about society and the human mind. However, after completing the course I soon realised that dance is another passion of mine. Soon after, I enrolled at a dance academy (Dance United) which, later on encouraged me to study my degree in Inclusive Performance for three years.

Today I am a full-time Model, Dancer and Actress and have been actively involved in promotions and events with large companies such as Virgin Media, Virgin Sport, London Hair Academy, Geartek, Stadiums and Vauxhall Cars. Even though every day is a new adventure and a challenge for me, I enjoy the fact that every day is different and unique. So far I have worked with Saatchi Gallery, Huwaei, Channel 4, NBC Universal, Bollywood TV, Sky TV and have featured in videos with some well-known music artists. I have also been involved in a variety of modelling projects for photographers and clothing brands. One of my greatest achievements to date is being featured as a model in Saatchi Gallery for an exhibition titled ‘From Selfie To Self-expression’ which was sponsored by Huwaei. I am also proud of featuring in a Bollywood Movie starring Arjun Kapoor where I was featured as a dancer and having the amazing opportunity to perform in West End shows in front of some well-known celebrities. I continue to work hard and create more opportunities for myself. 

My goal for the future is to continue on my chosen path, challenge myself every day and make sure that I reach my full potential. I would also love to work with children whilst working in the performance industry. My passion is to be able to give them hope towards their future and confidence to know that they can achieve great things by putting their minds to it, being focused and having fun on the journey!

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