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Qigong is a practice of meditation that balances the flow of energy and is the root of martial arts discipline. Tempo is pleased to share the story of senior white Tiger Qigong instructor and Reiki practitioner, Natalia Kolesnikova who has been teaching Qigong since 2016 in UAE. Natalia says the pandemic is a good time for people to invest their time to learn something new to maintain good health and body.


Tempo: Tell us how you got into Qigong, Natalia.
Natalia: My journey into the energy practices began a long time ago. I think the awareness and some understanding of energy have been with me my entire life, and it has led me to where I have been already and where I’m going.

Qigong has brought many amazing things into my life and made some transformative changes in me. It lets me feel a connection throughout my entire body; a connection to myself and to the world around me. I feel the energy and create this flow.

I enjoy sharing this sacred knowledge with students at my Qigong classes.

Tempo: What have you learned from your experience?
Natalia: Whenever I travel to assist in Qigong training I learn so much about life in general, but also about people’s stories. I get to communicate with students and the experiences we share encourages all of us to open up.

Tempo: What advice do you give someone who wants to explore Qigong.
Natalia: Be consistent with your practice, be natural, and show your true self. And feel free to join my classes.


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