Meet the Social Media Influencers!

On Monday, March 13th, notable social media influencers Farrukh Naeem, Christina Magallon, EMKWAN, Freya Jaffar, and Gina Dillon met to discuss the role that social media can play in today’s business world. With the ever-growing popularity of social networks, the way we share information with our friends and the world around us has revolutionized over the past decade. This platform has the ability to connect with millions of real people at once, making it a powerful business tool if utilized correctly. These local influencers discussed how to build an audience, how to engage with them, keep them on-board, and refrain from losing popularity. They stressed the importance of human interaction and presenting one’s ideas in a way that doesn’t seem like another advertisement cluttering a person’s feed. With useful advice like dedicating one’s time to these social pursuits, and to consider hiring an individual with experience and a personal following, the discussion was one of great asset to any independent or small business looking to widen their scope of influence.

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