The concealed beauty of a Pakistani artist’s paintings

On the 15th – 17th December 2018, Mona Naqsh revealed her ‘The Meditative Trance’ collection at Etihad Modern Art Gallery in Abu Dhabi  hosted by H.E. Moazzam Ahmad Khan, Ambassador of Pakistan in the UAE in collaboration with Poetic Strokes and Zari Jafri.

Mona Naqsh with her paintings

Can you imagine entering a meditative trance by looking at art? Mona Naqsh, a renown Pakistani painter focuses her work on a concept so simple and undervalued: flowers. She believes that flowers “encompasses hope and gives assurance of regeneration”.

The depth and intricacy of her work however is extremely unique and express a sense of order and freedom fused with tranquillity and privacy. The current body of her work is based on the knowledge of Theosophy – a philosophical mysticism that seeks to disclose the concealed essence of beauty.

Naqsh is a second gen artist, where part of her inspiration comes from her father – Jamil Naqsh, a modern painter who usually paints women, often integrating elements of horses, pigeons or children into them. He believes that “modernism without a reference to tradition is a term devoid meaning” – words that Mona lives by.

With the influence of her father’s life’s work, along with the countless visitors of writers, poets, musicians and collectors who came to visit her home, you can say she was raised in a 24hour art institute. This has taught her the true meaning of how “environment subconsciously influences works of art”. Her environment, and the teachings from her father taught her how to give and gain respect for the work that surrounded her, without ever compromising her dignity.

Naqsh’s inspiration also extends beyond her environment as she discloses admiration of the great artists like Andrew Wyeth Euan Uglow, Diana Armsfield and more.

With her own work, she sees her art as a sort of puzzle that must be solved by nature and the environment around her. She explains “a color on the wall or a broken piece of wood or even a color on the wilted flower can solve the problem of the whole painting. Through concentration and silence, a simple object can assume additional meaning and go far a head from their ordinary significance.”

Mona Naqsh believes that the creation process is like a series of experiments which is actually how “an artist establishes a relationship with the past”.

 “Everything is based on relationship – artist and motifs together make a painting.”

Mona Naqsh’s wisdom and philosophy within the world of art, nature, colour and meaning is reflected eloquently and mystically through her paintings, which will be shared with the Abu Dhabi community.

If you have an interest in exploring her creative world, visit the exhibition in this small window to experience Meditative Trance yourself.

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