Motivational Kickstart: Contributor Vandana Mendonca

There are days when you just feel that you’re not motivated to do anything in life. What you need is to be in the right mindset, believes Author Vandana Mendonca, who talks about her work and her contribution to the book “The Empowerment Manual”.


TEMPO: What is “The Empowerment Manual”?

‘The Empowerment Manual’ is a compilation of amazing empowerment strategies shared by spiritual teachers from all over the world. We are 36 authors who have all shared the most effective tools used in our personal and professional lives.

Over the last 10 years, Feeding my Inner Spirit has been my underlying mantra and this has changed my life. My Chapter ‘Potential Me’ is an honest and practical approach for the self-fulfillment potential that is based purely on my own experience.

In June 2015 my dearest friend Tonia, introduced me to, and encouraged me to look into, collaborative writing. She had already embarked on that journey and felt it much easier to start one’s writing dreams through collaborative writing. To me, it was a big sign from the ‘Universe.’ I took a leap of faith and submitted my chapter.


TEMPO: What is the spiritual energy that drives you?

Vandana: I have a lot of faith in being guided intuitively. So the core foundation of my creative process is ‘Intuition’ and Guidance’ and that comes to me through meditation. That’s where I begin the process of getting inspired with ideas. This process has also led me to convert my a-ha moments into themed-painting, coaching and now writing. In doing so, I have uncovered hidden talents that I did not even know existed within myself.


TEMPO: Tell us about yourself.

Vandana: I am from India, living in Abu Dhabi since 2001. I am a holistic therapist and wellness coach who believes that the body is fully capable of healing itself. I also believe wholeheartedly in the holistic concept that the mind, body and spirit work in tandem in this healing process. My role in this facilitation process requires me to be a therapist, a teacher and a wellness coach.


TEMPO: How do you help people?

Vandana: As a wellness coach, it has been my experience that people like to have the tools to help them feel empowered as well as inspired.


With the advent of social media, I write meditations and inspiring posts that could be incorporated in people’s daily lives in a pragmatic manner.


I also started creating support workshops from the skills I acquired. To create a platform for these workshops, I had to create more content and so my writing began to grow.

I produce workshops on various topics such as: “Learning to communicate with angels”; “Prenatal massage techniques,” “Pregnant and loving it”. So when Tonia convinced me to use collaborative writing as a natural springboard to reach a larger audience, I felt this could be my contribution to making the world we live in, a better place.

“…there is within all of us, a miracle waiting to be manifested.”

TEMPO: Which writers inspire you?

Vandana: The late Dr Wayne Dyer, Paulo Coelho and Doreen Virtue are some of the writers I enjoy for their compelling and profound messages. Theirs is the gift of simplicity.


TEMPO: What’s next for Vandana?

Vandana: I plan to be involved in a few more collaborative writing work and then graduate into writing independently. My intention is to share my personal wellness technique called Gracepoint Healing. I have written about this in the newly released “Manifesting Modern Miracles,” and the underlying message in this book is that there is within all of us, a miracle waiting to be manifested.


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