MyStyle Blueprint: Christopher Joshua Benton

We search all over the Gulf for the trendsetters and fashionistas. Check out this month’s Blueprint!

Name: Christopher Joshua Benton

Age: 26

Profession: Creative director, stylist, blogger

Nationality: American



Fashion Statement:

Never buy something on first impulse. Go home and if you’re still thinking about it, you know it’s the one.

Describe your personal style in less than 10 words:

I try to be minimalist, but I naturally love prints.

Fave buy of the past month:

I recently purchased a beautiful bison leather Dolce & Gabbana briefcase.


Which is your fave store in UAE?

The Luxury Arcade at World Trade Center Mall. The merchandising is really smart and it’s really exciting to see such fresh concept stores pop up and expose the capital city to avant-garde design.

Does the UAE have style?

There are always signs of life…

Do you have any fashion pet hates?
Capris for men and sins of denim and proportion.


Photos by: Angeli Castillo


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