NEW YEAR GAMING OUTLOOK: Upcoming Events and the 2017 Games

Fanta Game Masters

Gamers from all around the region converged on Yas Island in December. The FIFA championship was on the line.  Last year’s second place winner overcame the odds and took first place. Saif Haddadin of Jordan won AED 30,000 the title of 2016 Fanta Masters Grand Champion, and a trip to compete at the regional leg of the Ultimate Team Qualifier Premier Series in Sydney, February 2017. We got a chance to interview him before the matches. We also chatted to PR Director for THE mover and shaker behind competitive gaming in the Middle East, Power League Gaming. Check our Facebook page. 

Games of 2017

There are many but we name only the few we are excited about:

NEW YEAR GAMING OUTLOOK: Upcoming Events and the 2017 GamesHorizon Zero Dawn seems promising. Appearing to be a third person adventure featuring a red headed heroine fighting through where the world returns to the dinosaur age – only the beasts are all robots. Yes, robots. Out March 1 (PS4)

Resident Evil: Biohazard. It’ll be a first person survival horror here releasing January 24 across gaming platforms. Should be scary. Play with the lights on. 

NEW YEAR GAMING OUTLOOK: Upcoming Events and the 2017 GamesMass Effect: Andromeda. It’s Mass Effect. Don’t argue. New characters, it seems, and taking the format from the first trilogy this mission requires assembling a rag tag team again, but this time to find a planet to colonize. Cross platformer to be released sometime in Q1 (that’s the first 3 months of 2017). 

Vampyr. Don’t know a lot except you’re a vampire in 1918 London doing what vampires do. It seems to be a procedural narrative (changes based on actions and decisions). There’s a good amount of expectation there. A cross platformer with no release date yet.

Of course we have the MEFCC to look forward to April 7-9. Not word yet on Games 17, but we heard it should be early this year, to make up for the cancellation of Games 16. IGNCON should be on the calendar as usual, but no date was announced up to the writing of this article.

We expect more smaller gaming events this year, but hope to see more competitive gaming as well as new cons that will stick around for the long haul. Here’s hoping! 

Happy New Year, game on and play well.

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