There is No Monopoly for Heroism

When we think of heroes, we tend to conjure up an image of a warrior on the battlefield or person caught in a situation where he or she is risking life and limb to save others. But heroism is not always in sweeping actions or grandiose gestures, it is all around us, often in small acts of quiet giving and unnoticed kindness. 

Heroism is in that split of a second when a person decides to take a stand, against injustice, inhumanity and tyranny. It is in doing what’s right, despite what’s going on around your, despite popular opinion or despite even the views of those who you love and respect. 

In the recent past, we have seen heroism in people who have taken a stand to protest unjust laws against others who are different from them; we have seen it in the kindness shown by communities to total strangers, and we’ve seen it in people banding together to show compassion

for the oppressed. And it is this supreme quality of humanity that differentiates us from others, and makes us shine as the best representation of our selves. it is in extending an act of kindness that makes the life of another person better, even in a small way. And it is found in most unexpected of places, and sometimes in the most unexpected of people. Seek it out, emulate it, and pass it on. Hopefully it will uplift the next person and spread like an eternal wave of goodness. 

Peace to all humanity in these trying times.

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