NYUAD Art Gallery announces its Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 exhibitions

The NYUAD Art Gallery has welcomed many exhibitors and visitors since it opened to the public. It has displayed art installations by various international artists therefore making it possible for Abu Dhabi residents to visit a place of international art culture that they can also relate to their own lives. Some of their previous exhibitions include The Inaugural Exhibition, Mirrors for Princes: Both Sides of the Tongue, Phantom Limb, and Invisible Threads.


As a new academic year is nearing, new art exhibitions are being planned and set up for display at the Art Gallery to once again welcome visitors to a new world of art. For Fall 2017, Inventing Downtown New York: Artist-Run Galleries, 1952-1965 will be open to the public starting on the 4th of October. The exhibition features over 200 paintings, sculptures, installations, drawings, photographs, and films by over 50 artists.


Inventing Downtown New York: Artist-Run Galleries, 1952–1965 examines the New York art scene between the peak of Abstract Expressionism in the early 1950s and the rise of Pop Art and Minimalism in the early 1960s. During this time, artists helped expand the definition of what constituted downtown Manhattan. Establishing co-operative and artist-run galleries that triggered new aesthetic directions, they also extended eastward the parameters of what was considered “downtown,” toward the tenements and industrial buildings of Lower Manhattan. These spaces would help shape the artworks they created and exhibited.


For Spring 2018, award-winning duo Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti’s mid-career retrospective will be on display from February 24 at the NYUAD Art Gallery. Visitors can look forward to large-scale installations both outdoors of the NYUAD campus as well as works of different mediums displayed in the Art Gallery itself.


Petti and Hilal’s body of work explores how our experience is shaped by our understanding of “permanence” or “impermanence” in our environment. Their installations bridge architecture and art, examine the social, economic and political consequence of exile and displacement, and delve into public and private impermanent spaces.


The upcoming exhibitions at the NYUAD Art Gallery will explore the ideas of artistic community and the connection of historical and current events. The art curation highlights themes that shape our understanding of where we are and who we are.


For more information and updates on the activities at the NYUAD Art Gallery, visit www.nyuad-artgallery.org.

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