Samantha Francis

Name: Samantha Francis

Age: 27

Profession: Fashion Stylist at luxury department store. Blogger

Nationality: Dutch


Fashion Statement: Wearing something with confidence. Confidence is key when it comes to style; it is the most elegant way of dressing.


Personal Style: Daring, renewing, noticeable, quirky, eclectic, elegant



Favourite recent fashion purchase: I came back from Paris fashion week where I did a lot of shopping. My favourite find was in a super cute vintage shop! I bought a pair of black culottes that was covered with a layer of black tulle. Super cool! I also got my hand on an original vintage Christian Dior belt which is absolutely stunning!

Does the UAE and this region have style? I think this region is definitely developing a very unique style! Even though the region is very designer-focused you see more and more creativity when it comes to dressing. I feel that people are increasingly caring less about what people think and experimenting more in a daring and more creative way.


Any fashion pet peeves? Sunglasses at night or indoors. Unless you are Anna Wintour or Michael Cinco (who are fashion heroes) there is no need to wear sunglasses indoors.



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