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social media influencers

Influencer marketing is the endorsement of brands by well-known personalities like celebrities, bloggers, trendsetters, etc. Celebrities partner with brands to become the “Face” of the brand. For example, who comes to your mind when you see the brand Tommy Hilfiger? Definitely not Hilfiger himself, but Gigi Hadid, who models all of his designs and has even collaborated with the brand to create a line by herself that goes by the name TommyxGiGi. That being said, getting celebrities on board is real work, with their tight schedules and not to forget, exorbitant fees. This is where social media influencers make an entry.

As an answer from the heavens, social media made its way into the digital world and brought along with it the rise of social media influencers. Instead of celebrities, brands now focus on top regional influencers to represent their brand.


One may wonder: why would brands opt for influencers when celebrities could grant them greater exposure and profit?

Expensive. Getting celebrities to represent your brand is extremely expensive. The more “influential” the person is, the higher the fees will be. Kim Kardashian charges a whopping $500,000 per sponsored post. Compare this to the industry standard of $763 per post for influencers having over 100,000 followers. Crazy, right? This is the reason brands prefer regional influencers.


Renowned brands can have more than one influencer from a region. They have, however, come across some influencers that hike their rates to match celebrities. This was the reason the industry set the standard fee at $763.

Brands consider the following factors when deciding on the fees:

  • Social Media Platform
  • Following
  • Engagement
  • Product
  • Direct Partnership or Agency
  • Campaign


Ever come across posts of bloggers posting the perfect flat lay (visual content of objects artistically placed and shot from the bird’s-eye view) and a caption along the lines, “This is the best product I’ve tried [skin]. I highly recommend it!” while tagging the brand? This is, most likely, a sponsored post.

Instagram recently introduced the much-needed rule, where if a brand has confirmed a relationship with an influencer, the related posts should have #ad included in their caption, with the paid partnership title at the top of the image.


The authenticity of followers has become a growing concern. We come across accounts with less than 10 posts but more than 100,000 followers. This indicates that the account/company has “bought” its followers. 

Buying followers and likes is an easy and immediate way to increase rankings in social media. The cheapest rate in the market is $30 for an instant increase of 1000 followers. However, the increase does not indicate real engagement. Behind the likes and comments are individuals who are least interested in your product and this affects your work, product, and most importantly, account authenticity.


The practice of buying followers was soon caught on with as people started identifying the overnight increase in number with no active posts to match the same. Fake and spam social media accounts that have high follower count, but no real content are ultimately taken down by the concerned authorities. 

Hence, brands should look for influencers that have high real-time and daily engagement (likes, comments, and retweets) instead of focusing on follower count. Take the case of celebrities. They have millions of followers, but we rarely see them reply to comments on their posts. On the other hand, influencers interact with their followers, replying to comments and building a relationship in the course. 


What is defined as overrated? Any person or thing that gets recognition beyond required or deserved. Is the social media influencer hype unnecessary? Honestly, it depends. Answering the following basic questions can give a little insight on whether the hype is real or not.

  • Is the influencer partnering with brands that relate to his/her niche or are they taking up every offer that comes their way?
  • Do they truly believe in the brand and its objective?
  • Check the product/service reviews by the influencers. Do they seem genuine?
  • Follow up on the review. A good way to know if they genuinely love the brand is by seeing if they often use the product, especially off-work/ behind-the-camera.
  • Is the influencer the “face” of two brands in the same field? For example, a beauty influencer that is the face for, say, Foundation B of a brand cannot simultaneously represent Foundation Z of another brand. This would create a clash in interests.


Social media influencers have undoubtedly established their presence in the industry. Although the profession may have flaws (which one doesn’t?), we cannot ignore the fact that their job is not easy. Considered a profession one takes up for leisure, social media influencers do not receive the importance and appreciation they truly deserve. When in reality, their profession requires flair, creative imagination, and constant brainstorming to create visually striking contents.

And we can’t say that they haven’t had an effect on us. I mean, how many times have we found ourselves taking “Instagram-worthy” pictures of our coffee, food and even ourselves! You see, they have rubbed off a little on us.


Influencers do play a huge role in persuading the public to try a brand. Millions of ardent fans around the world keep their eyes peeled for updates from their favorite influencers, and this is a huge exposure for the brand as well as the company. 

The strategy of bringing famous personalities and influencers on board has proved profitable for many brands. However, small and medium-sized businesses have it difficult with the yearly increase in fees. Influence is in the hands of famous stars and hence, companies need to know whom to tap to get maximum return on investment. 












The Tempo Creed



Tempo Creed
The Tempo Creed

Your life matters. Nurture it.
The world is beautiful, embrace it.
Find meaning in everything you do.
Look at the sky, savor every moment.
Make it a point to smile, especially at those who sever you.
Be thankful, gratitude is a virtue.
Appreciate those who love you, show them (often) that you care.
Don’t be content with drifting – aim to soar.
Strive to make a difference.
Share with others, care about those around you.
Know that you can accomplish more by being kind.
Realize that often a little thing you do can transform another person’s life completely.
Dare to dream. Think big and be inspired by goodness.
Appreciate simplicity.
Know that life is not about how much you amass, but often how much you give away.
Don’t be timid. Live your life to the fullest.
Life is too short and too beautiful to just throw away.
To the skeptics, the doubters, and the naysayers we say, there is a place for art to inspire
…. love to conquer and for ideas to build communities.


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One Good Thing – A Story of Giving.





Meet Bridgett Lau, Co-founder of One Good Thing, a business that sells innovative eco-friendly products such as Satellite Bluetooth speakers made from reclaimed wood, Messenger bags made from billboards and organic T-shirts.

Founded in 2017, One Good Thing was the result of an epiphany – a personal tragedy, a memorable trip to Asia, and the inherent belief that people are good people. But let Bridgett tell you her story …



Tempo: How did you get started?

Bridgett: The idea was simple; to uncover great products all over the world that people would want but that also has a direct positive impact on the planet. It was to give these social enterprises a platform to expand their reach, and ultimately help people make easy, better choices with a halo effect.

Tempo: What you are passionate about?

Bridgett: In business, I am passionate about SMEs and start-ups. I am currently mentoring a number of individuals who are at various stages of growing their businesses.  After exiting my first business venture and three decades in sales, I feel that understanding business roadblocks and having the solutions to fix them is crucial if a business is to grow and achieve its goals. 


In life helping people be the best version of themselves is my underlying motivation. It’s my “Ikigai” (a Japanese word which means the reason for being).

Tempo: Where you want to go in your life?

Bridgett: Wow that’s a tough question and honestly, I am here, I am doing what I want feels right. Pre COVID 19, we had started gaining more traction and with corporates and not just corporate gifting but corporates who are looking to join the circular economy. We are in a phase of padding out how we can help the local economy grow by giving waste a second life as we build a new way in a COVID world.

Tempo: What have you learned from your experience?

Bridgett: I am going to do the top three as my list is endless and changes weekly:

  1. Do not underestimate GRIT. Prior to this business, I thought I had buckets of it but this business has tested me and it nearly broke me. The hardest part is not the beginning, it’s when you come out of the beginning when you think you should know what you’re doing but instead you might be running a different business than the one you planned.
  2. Don’t be afraid to fail. You hear this often but it really does need to be hard-wired into everyday decisions; it’s about the phrase “don’t worry about getting it perfect”. Your logo, the branding, your IG profile, your commercial model… ask questions of experts and try things out. You don’t know what is going to be “perfect” until you try.
  3. The power of your network. It is integral that you know how to bargain and how to develop relationships as a startup and also be genuine with who you are. We have grown by doing this every step of the way.


Click to visit her shop –

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Lead meaningful happy life doing these 3 things



 I have been helping a lot of people evaluating their lives and changing some of their priorities to lead a more meaningful and rewarding life.

I signed up with UC, Berkeley to learn more about why and how to create more happiness in life and today I work as happiness expert and blogger for, a on-line and wellness platform. I also do my free Happiness Pep-talks driven by my vision to create a planet where people lead more flourishing lives. The science on happiness is here already, it just needs to be applied to people’s lives, corporates, and communities.


Our subjective state of mind and our experience of positive emotions is partly heritable – up to 50% is determined by our genes – so if you ask the question “why are some people happier than others?”, about 50 percent of the answer lies in genetics. About 10 percent lies in our life circumstances (some of us are married, some of us are not, some of us have kids, some of us have not, some of us are more or less attractive, more or less healthy etc.) which leaves us with 40 percent that we – according to happiness science – can influence by intentional activity.

Happiness scientists have been studying very happy people to reveal the secrets behind leading happy lives, and here is some of their findings: Happy people are really good at relationships. Happy people are more grateful, philanthropic and helpful, and they tend to savour pleasures in their lives. Happy people are committed to personal significant life goals, whether it’s raising moral children, or building a house, or advancing in their career.


Many companies and people are struggling at the moment due to downsizing, not only in Abu Dhabi but in the whole UAE, but even though they face extreme difficulties, they seem to hold on to the old way of doing business: the Industrial business paradigm with a constant focus on economic growth. Sadly this paradigm often fails to incorporate real meaning and pleasure in work, and as a result leave people unengaged and stressed in their job.


I’m delighted to share four happiness practices that will increase feelings of happiness and well-being.

Three Good Things

Journal and write down things that went well for you during the day, and make a mental investigation as to why they went well. It can be small things or relatively more important things, everything counts. Refocusing your mind on life’s good events and the positive feelings that came with them can make a real difference in how you feel.

Loving Kindness Meditation

This meditation practice is a way of developing and boosting compassion towards others and yourself. Search for “loving kindness meditation” guidance on the internet, get comfortable, relax and gently follow the instructions.

Gratitude letter

Feeling gratitude not only increases your level of positive emotions, it also strengthens your relationships.


Think about someone who did something you are extremely grateful for, but who you never thanked. Now write the person a letter expressing your deep gratitude and telling how they affected your life and why you’re so grateful. Plan to visit the person to deliver the letter.

AWE walk

AWE is a positive feeling and can be defined as the feeling of being in presence of something vast and greater than the self. We all know this almost divine feeling of experiencing something so beautiful, great or dislike that the only thing we can say is “awe”. Deliberately trying to plan for AWE experiences can increase feelings of happiness. When you are doing your AWE walk, make sure your cell phone is switched off, or even better, leave it at home. Here are some ideas for your AWE experience:

1. Plan for a hike in the mountains
2. Go to see the never-ending sand dunes in the dessert
3. Walk outside in the night and look up at the stars.
4.Watch the sunset from a beach
5. Visit a historic monument

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