How to start a business with AED 0

Money – a powerful tool that makes the world go round! It is that one tool that can sometimes decide people’s fate when seen from a business perspective.

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The evolution of technology has brought first world countries to a different type of realm in this day and age. The realm of social media. Growing up, the first thing I would do when I wake up, was brush my teeth and make my bed. The first thing I do when I wake up now is grab my phone, scroll down the first 20 posts on Instagram, probably send out a quick tweet, and quickly tap around Snapchat. I mean, who needs the gym with all this mental and finger exercise right?! Jokes apart, social media is the contemporary replacement of money, in a business perspective.

Confused? Don’t be. It’s as simple as this. Money is not the only thing that is a major investment. ‘Time’ is the most important investment. So once you have made time to create a business plan, a quick chart on a piece of paper that will help you outline the main purpose of your business, or your product, then congratulations, you have successfully completed step 1.

Step 2. Read articles and learn the different powers of social media. Research some public relations brands and carefully observe how they use their social media that makes them stand out. Read the captions they write. See the types of posts that are created and how they seem to attract you to their business and their product.

Step 3 is one of the most important steps. If you are driven by motivation and passion to build your brand by hook or by crook, this motivation will also drive you to learn content creation and how you can create content that described your business or your product in the best way. Lets go back to the power of internet and our dear friends Safari and Google who have made it so easy to access different design portals that make you an expert in design, without the knowledge of using Photoshop. All the content is out there. All you have to do is research. You may not create the best work. But by building up audience on your Instagram and Facebook account, you will be able to share the content and observe the reaction you receive. Don’t be disheartened by criticism. Use it to your advantage to motivate you to create better designs.

Step 4 is to build organic following. It’s so easy to buy followers and likes on social media. But will this be relevant to your business? No. You will not be able to engage with your audience and your business may not even receive the reaction that you expect. Start small. 10 followers who engage with you on social media, is better than having 800 followers that give you zero reaction.

And here is where I come in. Believe it or not. The exact steps written above, is how I have started my new venture “ The Projekt”. A social media marketing agency with the determination to help brands innovate in a creative manner.

Business Earned – 1. Money Spent – 0.

By DJ Saif

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