Starting Points for Creativity


I often hear questions like “How can I start my creativity?” or “How to earn money with my ideas?” The best answer is always to check some of the powerful innovation portals that already exist. It is always very useful to see examples of new innovation projects and get insight into the creative products that are trying to conquer the market.

There are many places on the internet where ideas can be submitted or where innovators can be inspired by reviewing interesting concepts. A first stop full of interesting stuff is surely where you can submit t-shirt design and win cash, prizes and fame. Another site with similar content is It looks so good that now many of the world’s designers are trying to create t-shirts.

A starting site for all domain-specialists and researchers should be, where many challenges can be found and experts can quickly become one of Innocentive’s “Solvers”.

If you have a need to unleash your creativity potential or simply need to reshape or finish your idea, try to use the iPhone/iPad App ‘Unleash Creativity’.

Trying to invent a product for everyday usage? First check should be (German). Maybe you want to build a small robot? Use LEGOs and check

The platform gives the possibility to browse or create campaigns, but what is most important is to be inspired by the many interesting ideas it showcases. There are so many new projects every day, so be sure to check back regularly for more. Another crowdfunding platform is also the place where you can check many successful ideas and submit your own. Yet another similar site is, which is a platform for raising investment and already has many ongoing projects.

When you have an idea that you think is prepared for a world premiere, is a great option to use. You can submit your idea and then see how many votes you can collect. This could be the starting point for the idea life-cycle.

Good luck!

By Tomislav Buljubasic / @buljubasict

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