The Magic of Melody: Desert Roses



Way before music with dubstep, bass beats, and way way before autotune, there was an era of simple and pure musical harmony. Singers banked on only one asset: their voices! And that’s exactly what The Desert Roses want to bring back. As they step on stage and sing, you’ll immediately visualize in your mind the golden years of music. The ladies share they musical journey with Tempo…


Tempo: How did the Desert Roses come to bloom?

We are all teachers: two of us are music teachers and one is an art teacher. Two of us are mothers – which of course is a very important job. Our group’s name started as ‘Desert Divas,’ but Laura Roberts (from Blue Fever) suggested the ‘roses’ part – which I think is far more suitable to the 40’s genre. It’s also a fabulous excuse to wear a beautiful rose in our hair when we perform.


Tempo: How did you get into this music?

Music has been in all of our lives from the very beginning, with our parents who encouraged and pushed us to hone our musical talent. We had study areas since we were children and we have all been active in the music and creative arts from that time till now. From playing different kinds of instruments, to singing in various notes – music has encompassed our whole lives, which is so often the way for musicians and artists. Professional artists always keep learning and developing to hone their craft, and that is what we also strive to do.


Tempo: Why this genre?

We are 40’s – It’s a musical genre that appeals to so many people – as the music is just so accessible. It is fun, and combined with the synchronised choreography and costumes makes for a great show. It’s not just about their music though, it’s the matching outfits, the synchronised dance moves and that ‘girl next door’ reputation. They were the complete package.


Tempo: Which musical artists inspire you, and what’s your creative process?

We love The Andrew’s Sisters, and The Boswell Sisters as trios from the 30’s and 40’s. The Andrew’s sisters were actually sisters in real life, they were so familiar with each other’s style of performing, they were complete naturals and would adapt to each other with ease. For us, learning the songs is particularly challenging, singing in such close harmony takes a lot of practice. A bit off the page, a bit relying on our ears – and lots of repetitions along the way!


Tempo: What kind of reaction have you had to your music style?

We are new as a group to the UAE – but family and friend’s reactions were positive. The songs are so uplifting – they can’t help but make you smile, and for some people the music takes them back in time. We certainly offer something that’s a little different to the norm, it’s a fun and lively performance, and you can’t help but tap your toe along to the beat.


Tempo: What’s your work rhythm?

Children, families, cooking, teaching, singing, exercise, rehearsal and performance! We are working to extend our repertoire – and are available to perform at private events and functions.


Tempo: What would you tell aspiring singers?

Sing as often and with as many different groups as you can. Get some training – while you are gaining experience singing live. Record yourself, and get yourself out there in the community – join groups and sing at open mic nights!


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By Neil Bie

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