The Smovies Season One Winners: 3rd Place – Vimin Thomas “Please Don’t Steal My Show”

The kick off challenge, themed “Please Don’t Steal My Show” and pitched by VOX Cinemas, culminated with the announcement of the first, second and third place winners. BrandMoxie who lead the initiative with the host VOX Cinemas held a special award ceremony event at Yas Mall inviting competitors, friends and fans, judges and members of the film community. Third place winner and Director of “Please Don’t Steal My Show” Vimin Thomas shared his experience with Tempo…

3rd Place Screenshot - Please Dont Steal My Show by Vimin Thomas
Screengrab of “Please Don’t Steal My Show” by Vimin Thomas. Click the image above to watch it!


• How did you first learn about “The Smovies”? Was it through a website? Through Social Media? Through Tempo? Through Friends?

I came to know when I went to movie in VOX, where the AD for the competition was shown before the show.  Then I gone through tempo through its website for more details.

3rd Place - Behind the Scenes vimin2

• How did you come up with the concept and title of your Smovie?

It was like in a big discussion with my friend Sujith, co director of this film, in the pond park Al Nahda. We brought several concepts and then reviewed each as a viewer in the theater. We really required something different concept and more funny that the viewers can accept.

3rd Place - Vimin Thomas (2)

• How long have you been doing short films? How many other film competitions have you entered? Have you won in any of those or was this your first time?

Hardly I started 5 years ago and I started as assistant director, producer and actor. Then for a micro short film that was supposed for a shirt film fest, but the competition was dropped by the committee. Then for a short film a couple of short film as director and co producer for a professional short film. Hardly I can say that this is my first ever participated competition and I am very happy that I won a prize in this. 🙂

3rd Place - Vimin Thomas
• How did it feel when your name was called up on stage as you were hailed amongst the winners of the first season of The Smovies?

It’s like when a mother receives the baby first time in her hand and everyone around looks at her and smiles. Was great all my team was on air for a minute.

• How did the people around you (family, friends, and audience) react when they heard that you won?

The main question I heard was ‘Vimin? Is that you did this??!!!…’ Everyone was hard to believe.  My mom, dad and brother too helped me to complete this film. I am really happy to involve them all.

3rd Place - Behind the Scenes vimin 1

• Finally, what’s your message to those who also want to make a Smovie out there?

There will be a question for all when they start, whether it will be success or failure.  But let it start work on it, choose good people who will work for you, complete it. There is no matter whether you will get prize or not.
There is no one without idea and creation, but there is only someone who presents that to the world.

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