Time Capsule: Live life to the fullest, says this ace event organizer

Life is all about taking whatever comes your way in your stride. While some like to follow a traded path, some find meaning in pursuing one’s instinct. Whatever the preferences, the ultimate goal is to achieve a better and prosperous life. Tempo’s Time Capsule gives individuals the opportunity to voice their opinions and share it with others in a bid to enhance and enrich life’s narrative.

Today, we present to you high flying event organizer James Simmons.

Name:  James Simmons

Age: 34

Profession: Event Organizer

Nationality: American

Motto: “Life is a marathon, enjoy the journey”

Instagram: jsentertainment81

Most valued possession: My most valued possession would have to be my laptop. It has all my photos (memories), documents, and just important information stored on it.

Where you hang out most: If I’m not out at an event or new restaurant I’m pretty much a home body chilling and watching Netflix or Sports.

One thing you cannot live without: I would have to say my phone.  My friends are always asking me “can you live without your phone???” The answer is no!

The person who inspires you the most: My dad and I have a close relationship and while I’m my own man he is someone I aspire to be like.


Five things you need for survival: Smartphone, Apple TV, DSLR Camera, big screen TV and Jawbone Up2 Activity Tracker

Car you would like to own: Mercedes Benz E350 Cabriolet

A typical day in your life: Organized chaos directed to achieve a set goal.

Where you see yourself in 10 years: I believe your life should get better with age; I see myself being a better and wiser person than I am today.

Your idea of peace: Being surrounded by family and friends with good food, laughter and fun. Those moments in life are priceless.

Goal in life: Live life to the fullest with no regrets.

Time Capsule: James SimmonsThree things that today has taught you: Work hard, have patience, and stick to your goals and you will ultimately find success.


Deserves a big old thank you: Too many to name. I’m grateful to have an amazing circle of people around me.


The craziest thing you have ever done: Skydiving in Dubai. It was planned with a group of friends and actually not as scary as I thought it would be.


Earliest memory: My earliest memory was when I was two or three years old and I would ask my parents and grandparents a lot of questions growing up. I was a very inquisitive child.

If your life were a book it would be called: Work Hard to Achieve Your Goals

To look good, you would wear: I believe less is more so I would go with a classic blazer and slacks, or a suit.

You would most like to be stuck in an elevator with: Warren Buffett. To be able to pick his brain would be an amazing experience.

If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else currently living, you would pick: Barack Obama. I would love to go through a day and experience his life and his thoughts.

Current Last SONG syndrome (LSS):  the album that is in heavy rotation in my car is the new Common Album “Black America Again”

 If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, it would be: Mohamed Ali vs. George Foreman in Zaire (1974)

Time Capsule: James SimmonsYour idea of a perfect weekend: A city with great culture, food, and a beach.


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