Do you have what it takes to be a cool Radio Presenter?

I am excited to reveal my return to radio! Channel 4 104.8fm ‘Beat of the UAE’, is my new home, and that’s where you can catch me playing the biggest and freshest hits and discussing entertainment news in the UAE. My show starts at 10am and goes on until 1pm. I am excited about my new venture and happy to be back on air.

Here’s a little quote from Thomas Fergusan, Programme Director of Channel 4 – “In our continued efforts to evolve Channel 4, we are making some exciting changes. Saif is one of the hottest talents on radio in the Middle East, with an already established and loyal fan base. Saif has a huge passion and love for the radio and music industry, which makes him a perfect hit for Channel 4. I am positive he’s going to be a huge hit and will do an amazing job entertaining the UAE.”

Entertaining people has become a part of my life and being on the radio has helped me achieve my goals and to fulfill my passion for music. Here are five tips for those aspiring to become radio presenters:

MUSIC is one of the main reasons people listen to the radio. It’s YOU who has full control over people’s moods so it’s important to sound happy, cheerful and positive while on air.

RESEARCH is extremely important. Research the demographic of your listeners, and research the events or news that you will speak about on air. People automatically rely on the radio presenter as a reliable source of information.

CONNECT with the world, and connect people with each other through the power of social media. Take full advantage of social media to understand your listeners, to interact with them and to grow your fan-base.

NEVER be racist or sexist. Appeal to everyone and always have an open mind to make your audience feel welcomed.

PEOPLE make mistakes. If you make an error while speaking on air, use humour to deflect it! Life’s too short, so never take yourself too seriously.
It takes some effort to be a great radio presenter, however if you follow these five tips you will be on your way to refining your show, charming your audience, and launching a new career!

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