Top 10 Disney Songs to Revive Your Nostalgia

Disney is a truly iconic company whose influence spans across generations. Thanks to the incredible replay value of both their timeless classics and their newer additions, for many of us, Disney films were the most prominent and commemorative media of our childhood. However, besides their epic tales of valiant heroes and strong princesses who would stop at nothing to do what’s right, what truly solidified our favourite childhood movies were their musical numbers. Gear up for a massive hit of nostalgia, because listed here are some of the best Disney musical numbers from their illustrious films.

  1. Prince Ali: Aladdin

Now that’s how you make an entrance! Ali certainly doesn’t spare any expense, but the whole genie thing might have helped him out in the wealth department.

  1. I’ll Make a Man Out of You: Mulan

Mulan is a fantastic role-model for young girls everywhere. In both the main number and the reprise, she showed the world she lived in that women are just as capable of strength and fortitude as men.

  1. Friends on the Other Side: Princess and the Frog

Some of the most likeable and interesting characters in Disney films are, ironically, the villains. The visuals in this entrapping number could have made this list alone.

  1. Why Should I Worry: Oliver and Company

Oliver and Company is a lesser-known Disney film, but it still has all the elements of a great musical, especially this song by a street-smart New York City dog.

  1. Bear Necessities: the Jungle Book

A timeless classic, Baloo the Bear was a wonderfully loveable character whose relaxed attitude towards life is truly enviable.

  1. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: Mary Poppins

Did I spell that right? Mary Poppins was a crucial film in Disney’s history, which really flung them into the spotlight. With its charming main characters and quirky scenes, it showed the kids of both the time and now that life doesn’t have to get boring when you grow up, so long as you find the fun in the things you do.

  1. Be Our Guest: Beauty and the Beast

No, not from the recent live-action reboot. This song and animation perfectly compliments Belle’s bookish, imaginative character. Plus, where else can you see dancing cutlery?

  1. Thomas O’Malley, the Alley Cat: the Aristocats

Another classic filled with jazzy tunes, you might recognize that go-with-the-flow attitude and smooth voice as Phil Harris, the same man who voice Baloo.

  1. Be Prepared: the Lion King

Arguably one of the most prestigious Disney villain songs for one of the most memorable Disney villains, this creepy, chilling musical number really burns itself into your memory, not least because of how enticingly dark it is. This is the song that all the other villains should strive to live up to.

  1. Under the Sea: the Little Mermaid

Ranking in at number 1, this is a tune adored by both children and adults who have seen the Little Mermaid, the film responsible for Disney’s animation revival. It grew into such an iconic piece, that in the recent film Moana, Tamatoa, who resembles a giant crab, referenced it in the after-credits scene.

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