Transform a Simple IKEA Lamp Into a Mini Death Star!

Yes, you read that correctly. user Lyleo cooked up a great idea when she noticed that the IKEA PS 2014 lamp looked a bit like the Death Star from the Star Wars franchise. With nothing but the lamp, some paint, and some tape, she created a miniature replica of the weapon and, thankfully, it shoots light instead of deadly lasers. Here’s a step-by-step process of how you can do the same thing:

  1. Purchase the IKEA PS 2014 lamp. Obviously.
  2. Transform a Simple IKEA Lamp Into a Mini Death Star!Gather your supplies. The only essential tools you’ll need are the lamp, some masking tape, and some grey paint, but a ruler and exacto-knife helps for precision.
  3. Place varying sizes of strips of masking tape over the outside of the lamp, where you want the detail to be. For the dish, stencil in the finer details with pencil for now.
  4. Transform a Simple IKEA Lamp Into a Mini Death Star!Paint over the whole thing, except for the dish. If you’re using spray paint, do it outside and cover your mouth and nose, and close the lamp so no excess paint gets in it.
  5. For the dish, use a fine brush to paint in the details of it.
  6. Transform a Simple IKEA Lamp Into a Mini Death Star!Remove the masking tape. Wait for the paint to dry.
  7. Enjoy your new lamp! 

Does IKEA Abu Dhabi have this lamp? As someone who is a BIG fan of Star Wars, I’ve seen a lot of creative ideas for homemade memorabilia, but this is one of the more simple, yet unique items. The steps are easy to follow, you don’t need to be good at art to do it right, it isn’t too time-consuming, and the result is fantastic. I would definitely recommend this craft to anyone who likes Star Wars, and I might make one of these myself to add a bit of Empire flare to my largely Rebellion-themed bedroom!


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