“Are You Using Everything Available To You, To Break People Around You?” – Curious Panda



Dear Humanity…

We messed up. 
We messed up real bad. When god made us, he made us different from other animals. He filled us with kindness and compassion. He gave us the ability to think. Do you know why he gave us all that? So that we would think for others. So that we would feel for others. But, just stop. Just stop and think for a moment. Are you doing that? Or are you using everything available to you to break people around you to move forward?
Not all of us are bad. But why do the good ones get pushed around? Why do someone’s country of origin and skin color matter so much to us? Why do we kill others in the name of the ultimate power who made us all? Where did all the kindness go? Where did all the compassion go? Why is there a woman being raped somewhere in the world every minute? Why do people amongst us touch young impressionable children inappropriately? 
I don’t know if we have any time left. I don’t know if we have inflicted enough damage that we will never be able to rectify. I don’t know. But we can always try. We can always try to go back to being god’s amazing creation. We can always try to go back to being kind. We can always try to go back to being compassionate. We can always try to go back to being humans. 
Because, when crimes don’t surprise us anymore, when we deny the rights to dream because someone is poor/dark/lgbtq/woman/man, when people stop feeling safe, we have failed the almighty. 

Only love, 
Curious Panda.

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