Valentine’s Day, Gotta Love It

Quest for the Quirky


Since February has become the month of LOVE for a lot of people (because of Valentine’s Day), one can’t help but think of some of the things people have been done in the name of love. So what are some of the craziest things people have done for love?



“I proposed to a girl who I knew was already engaged in front of her fiancé (talk about a gutsy move!). She politely turned me down though. I respect her for her wonderful response.”



Back in 2010, a mother established a website just to find a wife for her son! Is that love or an unwelcome intrusion?


Yes, people do the strangest things for love. Check out these awful pickup lines!



Living in the UAE affords us with the opportunity to interact with many cultures and languages, each having their own way to express themselves. So how about love? How do you say “I love you” in your own language? Check out this video for more than 100 ways to say I love you!


Got a funny love quote or pick up line? Let me know @friedwanderer.

By Kimberly Moultrie

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