Vox Pop: May 2015


Where would you spend the day outdoors during May?


Name: Mutaz Al Qahtanhi
Age: 24
Nationality: Saudi

Profession: Management Trainee
Answer: Saadiyat beach because it’s a very clean environment and I enjoy the waves.
Name: Rachel McCobb
Age: 43
Nationality: British
Profession: Teacher
Answer: Yas beach because of the good vibes and it’s a lovely tranquil beach.
Name: Miriam Cawchado
Age: 32
Nationality: Spanish
Profession: Arts manager
Answer: I do not like sunny days, I love cloudy days and that is why I prefer to stay indoors at home.
Name: H. Hazam Mohd
Age: 26
Nationality: Jordan
Profession: Accountant
Answer: Yas Water World because the weather is becoming very hot!
Name: Mohamed Bayanni
Age: 21
Nationality: Egyptian
Profession: Student
Answer: Corniche because I love the sea and city views! Just amazing.

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