Whats in My Bag?!

I need to take a minute and appreciate the little things in life. One of them being my backpack! It weighs around 100 kgs. Well, at least feels like it! Ladies, you know how you carry your purse around and then feel almost naked when you’re not holding on to it. That’s how I feel. And here is what’s in my bag…

Whats in my bag?!“Most Essential” Item Number 1:

My Laptop. In this day and age its ether your laptop or your phone that can be used as the number one metaphor to define your life. For me, its my laptop and I’m either DJ’ing every single day or I’m working on new music and new ventures. Oh gosh! I just realized what a workaholic I am!

“Sometimes I Write” Item Number 2:

So I carry a little notebook around in my bag just incase I go to meetings and have to take notes. I am forgetful person I admit. So having a notebook and a pencil to scribble notes is just perfect! I know I’m a bit old school like that but sometimes classic methods stick around best.

“Lets Get You Dancing” Item Number 3:

Serato Box. In “non DJ terms”, this is the hardware that basically connects the laptop to the CD players, which then allows me to play music from my laptop and get you dancing 😉 This is actually one of the most popular hard wares in the DJ industry and I keep it in my bag the whole time because, you know, I DJ ALL.. THE.. TIME.. Not complaining! just a tad bit exhausted since Ive been getting only 4 hours of sleep.

Whats in my bag?!“My Creative Eye” Item Number 4:

Go Pro. Since the weather has been so nice, I have been outdoors quite a lot, not just working but also travelling. I try to document everything that I can to use as material for my work, or simply to keep as memories.

Mulla!” Item Number 5:

My wallet. Need that drivers license and credit card on me at all times!

Whats in my bag?!“I Can’t See” Item Number 6:

My reading glasses. I’ll let you in on a secret. I don’t think I have an eyesight problem. I just stay up for so long that my eyes get tired and I need the glasses to help me focus.

“Im Addicted to Music” Item Number 7:

My headphones. Do you ever get the feeling that the world is just completely blocked out once you have your headphones on and music on blast?! Oh trust me, best feeling ever!

“Duh!” Item Number 7:

My laptop charger, how else am I going to play music 24 hours a day?!

“Don’t Be Surprised” Item Number 8:

Toothbrush and Toothpaste. Trust me when I say this. I work at the most unusual hours. Imagine finishing a gig at 4am, sleep in the car until 6am till I reach the radio station. How else am I supposed to have this pearl drop smile!

Whats in my bag?!“I Got The Keys” Item Number 9:

Read between the lines guys. Its my keys.

“Food” Item Number 10:

Yeah Yeah! Call me cute. But my housekeeper packs a little box of food for me every morning and keeps it right next to my bag. Nothing tastes better than home food!

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