“You Are Blessed ” by Rejoy Mathew


Dear future me…

The thirty-year-old me 
It’s still a surprise 
How you made it this far 
Cause all the critics you got 
Stated you would never achieve anything 

The forty-year-old me 
I am pretty sure you made a perfect family 
But the real challenge is to keep it going till the end 
No matter what happens 
By realizing how lucky you got 
Since many still dream to have one 

The fifty-year-old me 
Here you might face troubles
In raising your minions
But realize 
You were far worse 
But you came out fine 

The sixty-year-old me 
Now you might face an unprepared challenge 
But consider it as a holiday 
For your forty years of selfless deeds 

The seventy-year-old me 
If you made it this far 
Know that you are blessed 
Cause most people at this age 
Start to prepare themselves 
For a seven inch wooden box 

The x-year-old me 
Now that you have reached the limit 
Which most people could only dream of 
The only thing you need to worry about 
Is to not to be a burden to anyone 
As being an oldie and a kiddo 
Doesn’t make a difference 
Cause you are going back to square one 
Where there’s no second step 





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